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Alternative Medicine
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Unique Approaches & Techniques Of Modern Medicine

Medicine is a branch of science and practice, aimed at health strengthening and preservation as well as prevention and treatment of diseases. Presently it represents a complicated and branchy system of knowledge, divided into dozens of coherent medical sciences, which have their own subjects and research methods.

2 Major Groups of Medical Science

From the global point of view medical science is divided into conventional and alternative. The first one includes the system of knowledge in regards to healing, based upon the data of scientific and technological progress. It is associated with experiment, resulting in scientifically proved conceptions, hypotheses and theories. The latter one accommodates all the diagnostics and treatment methods, efficiency of which hasn't been proved in the course of clinic tests. There are also approaches, trying to unite conventional and alternative medicine.

Medical Needs of the Modern Society

Although conventional medicine is still holding its positions, contemporary people are showing more and more interest in those branches of medicine, which view a patient through the prism of a complex approach towards treatment and aim to eradicate rather the root of every medical problem than its symptoms.

In allergology, for instance, in the first place it's recommended to do the skin test in order to determine the allergen, causing allergic reactions. Then a patient needs to take measures in order to prevent his/her exposure towards allergens, and only finally, in case when preventive measures have failed, you can resort to the treatments, relieving the symptoms.

Osteopathy views human organism as a whole. Diagnostics and treatment are conducted with the most sensitive instrument - doctor's hands. An osteopath can sense the movement of the body tissues. The milder the influence is, the greater effect you are going to get. Thanks to a delicate approach, a doctor is able to work through the body tissues layer by layer. The deeper layers are activated only after harmony is achieved in the more superficial tissues.

Such unique medical branches as osteopathy and alternative medicine suggest individual treatment for every patient, that's why they are gaining a great popularity. Well, they are not a panacea for every medical case, yet they can certainly be used in complex with other treatment methods.